The Eye and Poem to my Husband from my Father's Daughter Essay

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                                              French 1 In this paper I will discuss two poems by Sharon Olds. They are both taken from her collection “The Dead and the Living” and are entitled “The Eye” and “Poem to My Husband from my Fathers Daughter.”      Olds is a contemporary writer who expertly maneuvers her work through modern life. In this particular collection, written in 1983, she takes us on an explorative journey through both the past and present of family life. I will explore…show more content…
This is obviously still a vivid memory that disturbs the speaker to this day. This one Stanza poem allows the poem to be fast pace and unhindered with long drawn out accounts of abuse. The poem is not any less shocking however, to the contrary. The pace of this poem is fast and builds momentum as the words tumble out. The speaker recalls the terror of a child and the eventual hate and resentment of an adult “…how I am one fourth him, a brutal man with a hole for an eye and one fourth her, a woman who protected no one”(19) Here it becomes evident that the reader feels bitterness to the Grandmother also. It is not merely a hatred for men that we see but resentment towards a woman too, “and Grandma had never once taken anyone’s side against him”(19). According to Gaffery, this is a feeling that is harbored deep with Olds work (120). Through Olds imagery, one can imagine being with that child, still bitter about her cruel grandfather and unsympathetic Grandmother. As the poem continues, the images of this man grow stronger “The firelight on his cold harsh face reflecting extra on his glass eye” (19). The poem goes on to discuss his glass eye father, calling it a

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