The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul

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Many philosophers have said that the ’Eyes are the windows to the soul.’ The eyes can show a person’s true personality. Not their clothes, facial expressions, or how they hold themselves, but looking into another’s eyes will show one’s soul. But what if their personality was not found in their eyes, but in the form of a mutation? As found in Black Hole, the town’s teens have contracted an STD they call “the bug.” Each teen that acquires it grows an external mutation. This is especially found in some of the main characters: Keith, Rob, and Chris. Keith grows appendages that look like tadpoles on his chest. Rob has another mouth on his neck. Chris sheds her skin. Each of these mutations indicate what this person is actually like. The external mutations of Keith, Rob, and Chris symbolize the characters’ inner selves. Keith’s tadpole mutations on his chest represent his adaptable personality with his friends and with mutations. Keith’s mutation doesn’t show until the end of the book, but that doesn’t mean his inner personality wasn’t there; it was merely hidden. Once his mutation does form, one could analyze from the whole book that Keith is adept at accepting his surroundings. Like a frog, he can survive in the water and on land. Stereotypical stoners are his friends, but he also goes to ’The Pit.’ ’The Pit’ consists of people who have contracted the bug. For a large part of the book he doesn’t even have a mutation, but Keith is accepted and welcomed. Either with his school
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