The Eyes Have It Essay

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The Eyes Have It I chose to write about a picture, and the particular picture that I chose to write about was of a young woman from Afghanistan, who was estimated to be the age of twelve. The photograph became famous after it graced the cover of the June 1985 National Geographic. The young woman was beautiful beyond any words, let alone mine. She had long, dark hair and tanned skin. Her face, to me, was a dichotomy between rough features, exposed to the ravages of poverty and war, yet with a soft beauty underneath. She had well-defined cheekbones, and a pronounced chin. Her head was covered by a red burka, which further brought out the green and gold within her eyes. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul. I do not…show more content…
She would never quite realize that her photograph became known in lands she could never imagine, let alone (be allowed to) visit. It’s a sad but true fact that American’s don’t really care when poor countries wage wars where countless innocents are killed, so long as America isn’t involved. You don’t need to look any further back than Rwanda for proof. And it’s a lot easier when the dead are minorities. It’s easier to detach your feelings from people when they’re different from you, or you have little in common with them. When you have more money and higher education, those people that don’t have it nearly as well suddenly become inferior, almost by default. Every now and again, I see starving black children in Africa, with swollen bellies and rags for clothes. Those children are where the flies gather… And I can’t help but think that if those children were white instead of black, the shit would hit the fan amongst white middle America. But this girl looked different than the preconceived stereotypes that we often have of Middle Easterners. Of course she wore a burka, but if she instead had a can of Aqua Net in her hair, and an Esprit shirt on, then she would have blended in with any other typical 1980s teenager. Other than her clothing, she could have been the girl next door. And something about the brilliance of her eyes makes a person wonder if she had the brilliance of intellect behind those eyes as well… an intelligence and strength that may not
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