The Eyes Of Propensity

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Through the Eyes of Propensity Gasoline prices are a fast, never-ending rollercoaster in the middle of the night: unpredictable, wavering and impactful. With control of these prices through future market contracts, the petroleum industry seems to have significant influence on the U.S. economy. Private corporate oil companies yield some of the greatest power on the planet, but will face a major dilemma in the near future when the last of this finite, nonrenewable resource left on earth is gone. Oil is the most valued commodity across the world and has been for decades. Yet, this precious resource is far from satisfactory in meeting moderate standards for eco-friendliness and efficiency. The burning of crude oil produces dangerous levels of…show more content…
Americans are generally unmindful of a crisis at hand, until the mass media voices their opinion onto a public platform. The media controls and manipulates our viewpoints, values, and actions, so that individuals conform to their bias. They construct and constrict language to accomplish a specific goal or motive, so it is important for people to not blindly accept information at its face value. When it comes to interpretation of the oil famine and alternative energy, there is less public discourse than one would expect to inform individuals on a precarious, worldwide problem. It has been well-documented throughout the ladder half of the twentieth century that fossil fuels are likely to run out within the lifetime of baby boomers and most certainly be gone in the span of Generation Y. Likewise, scientists have noted the detrimental cost of burning these fuels to the environment, which include increasing greenhouse gases and polluting the world’s air. A disproportionate amount of oil is discovered compared to the amount consumed each year. Supply cannot keep up with the ever growing demand. Yet, oil companies still claim they will never run out of oil. It is in the best interest for these corporations and the media to keep this information classified, in order to “milk” oil for as much capital as possible for as long as possible, with no regard to the well-being of earth and its inhabitants.
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