The Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Neale Hurston

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Janie the Feminist The novel “The Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston takes place in the Harlem Renaissance period where African American culture exploded in the United States. Slavery has been abolished which gives more rights to black men, leaving women to fill the position as a modern slave. This was a period of such suppression of woman that they were treated as if they were brainless property, much like slaves. Janie refuses to succumb to society 's standards of how woman should be treated. She becomes a feminist by fighting for women 's rights to be bettered, if not equal to men’s rights. Janie became a feminist through trial and error of her three marriages. Through her failed marriages, Janie learns and constructs her own standards for how she will be treated, resulting in her finding true love. Her standards were far higher than society 's for women, making Janie a pioneer for feminist views and women 's rights.
At the ripe young age of sixteen, Janie is forced, by her grandma, into a marriage she did not want. She is raised “From the traditional views of the grandmother” (Maupin) so Janie must comply to Nanny’s wishes. Janie is considered a woman at her age. When Nanny sees Janie kissing a boy, old memories re-emerge that remind Nanny of how herself and her daughter were raped. She wants a better life for Janie than her own, so she immediately arranges for Janie to marry off. This is not an uncommon practice in this society to marry off at this age.…
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