The FBI : The Background History Of The FBI

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Did you know it is completely legal for the FBI to misconceive a jury while under oath, in court, to ensure that the nation’s security is protected? Also, you can simply request a copy of your personal file from the FBI and receive it in an email. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is known for their very conspiratorial litigations and highly advanced technology, but there is a lot of information that is widely available to the public eye, in which the people have no knowledge of. I am going to briefly scratch the surface of what there is to know about the FBI and how it works so earnestly. The background history of the FBI, how to get into this career field, what information is available to the public, and how the bureau handles…show more content…
Financially, the FBI is said to have spent almost up to nine million dollars for all the technology upgrades and required operations done within a year. The bureau focuses on the fairness, respecting the people of the United States, and making sure that the Constitution of the United States is being followed in every way possible. Lastly, the FBI does not only stand for the Federal Bureau of Investigations which means the gathering of evidence for the national government, but their motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity” given to them in the early 1900’s. These three words describe what kinds of characteristics it takes to be a part of the FBI workforce. One must be able to show their loyalty to the United States, be committed to performing strong acts of courageousness for our country, and never betraying the government system, nation, or it’s people in any way. (Missions and Priorities). Not only is the background history of the FBI important, but who can be a part of the agency is a very crucial element of how smoothly it runs. There are many steps of processing new applicants into the field. A few guidelines one must meet to be considered of being an eligible candidate are: being an American citizen, must not be a convicted felon, and staying true to the FBI Employment Drug Policy. If one is to meet all the employment guidelines, then the next step in the enrollment

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