The Face Of Adversity And Diversity

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Understanding how to respond in the face of adversity and diversity is essential to more ably contend with the vast array of potentially encountered conflicts. The current reflection paper identifies, highlights, and demonstrates some significant aspects of how course materials can positively enhance future leadership skills, capabilities, and overall endeavors. Although terms like leadership, ethics, and change are extremely illusive, conflict resolution pertains to overcoming barriers. There was a diverse array of topics discussed throughout the reading materials and many topics are especially applicable to the current working environment.
A particularly influential subject matter comprised of viewing conflicts as opportunities capable of positively affecting change. While most people have a tendency to avoid conflict and difficult conversations altogether, genuine leadership is about gaining the ability to utilize confidence while contending with adversity. Negotiations are in full swing for the insurance company under acquisition and by not bringing attention to some obvious discrepancies, the purchase becomes much less desirable. These are the types of conflicts which are sometimes difficult to avoid and seemingly require a heightened sense of emotional intelligence. In order to become more proficient both personally and professionally, the authors of our reading materials suggest to “practice managing your emotions, time, and stress” (de Janaz, Dowd,
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