The Face Of Decline Of The Coal Mining Industry

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The Face of Decline proceeds with the chronological coverage from the start of the mines/mining industry to the decline of the mines/mining industry. First, the book gave a very clear and concise description of the different topics that would be discussed. Also, they discuss how many people’s lives were affected from the mining industry. According to the many different details listed throughout the book, the book focused generally on the importance of the coal mines, the employees, and the hard times that everyone went through during the rising and declining on the mining regions. Next, the book focuses on how being in the mines led to many health problems and even death. Many health problems led to “black lung” which is caused from inhaling the fumes and dust from being in the coal mines. The integration of the personal input and interviews about how their lives were directly affected by the coal mining industry was a very effective strategy.

The coal mining and anthracite region faced many challenges throughout the years, and still faces many struggles today. The coal mining and anthracite region was a very bumpy road for everyone. The levels of coal within the industry have varied over time and with the help of new technology, more coal was being found. The coal was now being used for other sources, specifically moving the coal around the world by trains and ships. Also, there were many ways that coal was found, and the ways that it has developed over time
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