The Face Of Face Communication

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Face-to-Face communication (F2F)
Businesses nowadays are constantly making an effort to monitor employee movements and improve productivity. This is where a device that can help to monitor and build profile of an employee, and improve productivity required. This will enable the organization’s management to gather business insights and improve their profitability. Prosodica will play a significant role in order to analyze performance of employees who deal with clients on a regular basis. Using the real-time analysis feature of Prosodica, meaningful alerts can be generated for the employee and the communication summary can be obtained for a particular time interval, which the performance management team can review. In addition, the employee can perform better due to real-time alerts generated by Prosodica and hence increase the conversion rate for each sale.
[*Source: Sociometric Badge®,]
• Extract social signals from voice communication.
• Track location of employee.
• Collect metadata to create customized reports; one for employee and one for management.
• Map business goals with employee’s sales performance.
• Improve engagement which in turn will reduce stress.
• It may lead to an oppressive work environment that will affect the team/individual‘s morale. Use – Cases:
• Employee/Team Performance: The means of communication between employees can vary. It mostly involves verbal communication and electronic communication. Prosodica
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