The Face Of Face Communications

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In the past twenty years, the face to face communications as well as the ways of communication have changed. With the creation of numerous devices, applications, and an unbelievable connection with each other, the biggest distances have been shortened in ways never imagined. Two decades ago, people could not imagine how effective and fast a device of the size of the palm of your hand could connect you with people all over the world. With great ideas and a mentality of progress, humans and technology have changed the way we interact and how we used to see the world. These changes have helped to create a more capable society which is able to do things we once thought they were impossible, but it also has had a negative impact in the way we behave. Within the communication world, the evolution of the telephone is the biggest attraction for people of all ages. In the past, landlines were the main source of communication, while cellphones were uncommon, or actually inexistent. We have come from telephones which only capability was to call, to smartphones that have calling, texting, emailing, and different social networks that connect you with people world widely; and all this is in one simple device that is every time smaller and better. A smartphone is the combination between a phone and a computer. It is capable of do multiple task, such as connect to internet to check emails, make video calls, take pictures, access to documents and websites of your preference, and the
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