The Face Of Nursing Career

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Whether you have been practicing for many years or are just beginning your nursing career, you can see that the face of nursing is in transition. Due to rapidly advancing technology, greater autonomy within our field and healthcare reform, many changes are ahead for our profession. These changes are seen in every arena of nursing, whether that is in the hospital, long term care, non-profit or nurse-managed health clinics and give us a peek at what the future of nursing will be like. Patient care is evolving and nurses require a higher skill set to effectively treat such a diverse population (Models, 2010). In response to this need, educational institutes are encouraged to modify and expand loan forgiveness programs and increase the number of grants awarded to nurses furthering their education. The skills that were once needed for new nurses have dramatically changed over the past few years. We must do everything in our power to ensure new nurses are prepared to enter the workforce capable of handling their immense responsibilities (Hendren, 2010). The projected nursing shortage will severely impact patients across the United States and law makers are scrambling to find a solution to the problem. Patient care delivery models are changing across the board, these changes will likely affect us all, and regardless of the area we each practice in. Nurse practitioners will soon be able to practice independent of a physician, which can only mean the role of Registered Nurse will
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