The Factor That Contributes The Success Of An Economy As A Whole Is Diversity Essay

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A factor that contributes immensely to the success of an economy as a whole is diversity. An organization that can effectively unite individuals from different cultures and backgrounds can expect healthy growth in the future. However, diversity can be considered to a much greater extent. When analyzing any economy, one can observe that is formed by large firms, medium sized firms, small firms, and firms that are barely getting on their feet. No matter the size or type of business, they all significantly contribute to the overall well being of any economy. Furthermore, one type of institution that forms a considerable facet of the diversity of economies are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship describes any institution that begins without the support of any higher corporation or established business. Any individual can study how an entrepreneur works and makes decisions in an economics class or they can even major in entrepreneurship in some universities. However, these educational institutions many times fail to inculcate in their students how these types of business actually operate in the real world. With that in mind, a concise yet profound analysis of a small business in Buckeye, Arizona will consider how an entrepreneur owned business truly works. Twelve years ago, three brothers, Martin, Luis, and Ricardo Ortiz, opened Ortiz Mobile Service, LLC. After previously working twelve years at a large semi-truck company, Luis Ortiz pondered the idea of operating his own
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