The Factors Affecting Minority Groups Essay

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Racism has consistently affected African Americans, Asians, Latinos/Hispanics, Caribbean, Etc. Many researchers argue about the many factors affecting minority groups in society due to racism. Racism can have direct and indirect effects on a minority population. All the groups listed are all known as minorities within the United States and their socioeconomic standards. Socioeconomic status, also known as (SES), is a way used to classify many American citizens into different classes depending on their income. Socioeconomic status classifications cause different types of racism, such as institutionalized discrimination and segregation which is dumbfounded in institutionalized discrimination. Institutionalized discrimination restricts socioeconomic mobility within society in many different levels such as in education, employment, housing, and mental/physical health which all affects the minorities directly. Secondly, when one minority experiences discrimination and accepts it, it can cause mental stress, which indirectly affects him/or her. Finally, African Americans and Hispanics are the two most targeted minority groups who are targeted by the majority group who are all whites in the United States.Hispanics were dealing with racism since the 18th century when the Mexicans came to California for the Gold Rush. Hispanics was a threat to the majorities so rules and laws were set in place to marginalize the Hispanics to make it harder for them to gain or exceed
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