The Factors Affecting The Food And Agriculture Sector Essay

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Introduction In the United States today there are many critical infrastructures that are depended on and if one of the 16 infrastructures were to be disrupted it could result in devastating consequences to, not only the American public, but to the world. Each infrastructure is dependent on one another for the most part and if one is disrupted the other would be hindered. All the 16 critical infrastructures are vital to the American society but the Food and Agriculture sector can arguably be ranked among the most important. The Food and Agricultural (FA) sector is responsible for many necessities and if it is disrupted in any way, it could have a substantial impact on America’s food source as well as the economy. Furthermore, all governments and private sectors rely on each other for the FA sector to function without hesitation. There are many risks and hazards that are being currently addressed in the FA sector and they are, food contamination and disruption (Accidental or Intentional), disease and pests, severe weather and cyber security. These threats can greatly harm the economy and food supply and will be discussed later in this paper. If any sector of the United States that is responsible for the food supply succumbs to one of the risks, then it can rapidly cause chaos throughout the states without hesitation. The consequences can be detrimental to the communities, states and nation if the FA sector was at all compromised. However, there are certain measures the
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