The Factors Affecting The Members Of Aisg Essay

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Analysis and Applicable Theories In order to address motivational factors that are affecting the members of AISG it is prudent to analyze various perspectives regarding motivation. An important element that needs to be clear is that a team is a group of people, and although these people work together, their needs must be considered both collectively and individually. Individuals have distinctive values, expectations, and needs. Moreover, individuals have their unique way of thinking and undertaking tasks. Nevertheless, sooner or later people working in the same setting will encounter difficulties; these factors can affect the entire group (Bruce, 2011). Therefore, one theory may not be suitable for addressing the issues of all AISG members. Content theories focus on internal factors of a person: what energize, direct, sustain and modify its behavior. They look particular needs that motivate individuals (Bolger & Stotz, 2012). It is considered that Clayton Alderfer’s ERG Theory, and Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory might be applicable to Acme team members. Aderfer’s considered that individuals are motivated by three groups of essential needs: Existence, Relatedness and Growth; hence the acronym ERG. Existence needs consist of many forms of safety, physiological and material needs: prevention of tension, satisfaction, and necessary resources for living. Relatedness needs comprise the sense of security, belonging, and respect. Growth needs include needs for

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