The Factors Affecting Walmart's Success

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The Factors that Contribute to Walmart’s Success
Rackley, Kareen
Palm Beach State College

Approximately fifty years ago Sam Walton started Walmart as a small nickel and dime discount store in a small town of Bentonville, Arkansas. He envisioned that if he could sell more for less he could be successful. Sam utilized the portfolio strategy to build the company to what it is today. This strategy is a corporate level strategy that minimizes risk by diversifying investments among various businesses or product lines. A business portfolio is a company’s set of investments, holdings, businesses and brands. According to this definition, it is safe to say that, Walmart has a diverse portfolio that includes products and practices which includes pharmaceuticals, electronics, vision centers, beauty parlors, groceries, delis, clothing and other manufactured goods. The company also operates an online retail industry and also several mini clinics in some of its stores. The vision of one man has grown to over eleven thousand stores in over twenty different countries therefore establishing Walmart as a multinational company that is economically viable thus allowing it to stand proudly among the fortune five hundred companies. Economic viability of a company means that the company is doing well financially. It takes into consideration, the company’s bottom line and the flow of money throughout the community in which it conducts its businesses. Walmart’s mission…
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