The Factors And Opportunities Of Entering The Market

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My company is comparing the factors and opportunities of entering the market in Japan. I will explore legal, political, financial, economical, and other factors. After I analyze these factors, I will decide whether or not it is a good idea to proceed to do business in Japan based on my findings of the country.
The country of Japan has several plausible legal and political aspects. The “Iron Triangle System” was created in order to fight Japan’s corruption in the legal system. This “Iron Triangle System” is a tool that is often used to define who gets how much, when, and why, between the legislation, bureaucracy, and business (Iron Triangle). It was made to loosen the ties and power between big businesses and the government. The judiciary is independent, therefore it mostly provides a secure protection of real and intellectual property for businesses by mostly gaining and protecting patents and trademarks. Japan’s government is a parliamentary democracy, meaning that the political power is held by an elected parliament representing the people (Japan - Government and Political Conditions). In 2012, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was put back in office after the Liberal Democratic Party regained control of the lower house parliament (Japan). Voters are hoping to see Abe stand up to China, which claims sovereignty over Japan’s islands. Although Abe has proposed rational changes in Japan’s defense forces, his progressive commentaries about its wartime actions have irritated others in…
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