The Factors Associated With Youth Homelessness And Arrest, By Kim Fielding And Cheryl Forchuk Essay

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Poverty has long been a consistent characteristic in crime. Numerous theories like Social Disorganization, Labeling Theory, and Strain Theory have been created to try to explain the connection between poverty and crime. As these theories demonstrate , the devastating external factors that poverty causes contribute to crime. Yet, the connection between poverty and crime continues to deliver new data, adding to the way criminologist analyze crime. These studies develop new methods including governmental programs , investments in certain areas or change in tax codes for tackling poverty emerge. Therefore, it is pivotal to continue studying the connection between poverty and crime to properly a large of factor of crime from its roots.

The article “Exploring the Factors Associated With Youth Homelessness and Arrest,” by Kim Fielding and Cheryl Forchuk discusses the homeless epidemic found throughout Canada. It is estimated that around 150,000 Canadians are homeless, with around one-third of those being juveniles. The article focuses on juveniles because of their fragile age and their lack of stable environment makes them prone to commit crimes in order to obtain basic necessities. The study includes interviews, surveys, and demographics to characterize the homeless participants in order to provide an understanding of their homeless situation.

Likewise, Valentina Nikulina, Cathy Spatz Widom, and Sally Czaja discuss the effects of neglect and poverty on children in their
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