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In the first part of Learning Aim A I looked at the purposes of websites and the requirements need for websites to be successful and to have as many views from users as possible. In the second part of this learning aim I will look at the factors needed for the website to be developed.
In order to develop a website you need use scripts. Scripting language is a computer language which is easy to learn and write which consists of a group of commands that ca be executed successfully. There are different versions of scripts for example Perl, PHP and Python and JavaScript which has become the most popular and most preferred. Script is also used in HTML as a tag, which is used for defining a client side script such as JavaScript. The tag
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o Number of hits – The number of hits simply means the number of people that view the webpage at the same time. So, the more people trying to view/access the webpage at the same time the slower the webpage will load slowing down its performance. This is due to the fact that the server will complete the requests in the order it receives the. This issue can only really be resolved by using a more powerful server which can complete more than one request at a time.

o Executions performed before webpages are loaded – Before a webpage can be loaded all the files (such as images and videos) that are part of the webpage need to be found. So this means that the more files a webpage has the longer it takes for the server to find these files delaying the webpage from loading at a quicker pace. In addition any server side scripts need to be executed before HTML files are sent to the user’s computer. Scripts can run relatively slow so, in order to prevent this from occurring and making sure that the performance is as fast as possible the web developer can speed up the process by making the PHP scripts run quicker.

• Client machine scripting - Client side programming is mainly involved with the user interface, so in this case it is the browser, in the user 's machine, that will run the code which is mainly done in JavaScript. The code must be able to run in a variety of browsers. The client side which is normally
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