The Factors Influencing Social Group Dynamics

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1.Abstract The area of research is on the factors that cause and propagate the current social group dynamic trends that are prevalent within the United States International University Nairobi campus ( hereby referred to as USIU). It would be prudent to first define what this paper terms as social group dynamics. This term will be taken to include all those activities that are undertaken by students at USIU that involve interaction on a physical, emotional and mental level with other members of this institution on a peer to peer basis. The term is not limited to the activities themselves but also includes the process, degree and direction of these activities. The research will be carried through three basic methods: Observation of…show more content…
They will also by nature have a less of an impact on group activities. e.1.1.2 aggressive trait Data: It was noted that aggressive people tended to be the first to suggest their opinions on group activities. They tended to be very outspoken and always seeking agreement on their suggestions. When opposition was encountered they would then steer opinion back to their side of thought by questioning and demeaning the reasons and intentions of those opposing them. On a more positive note they are also the ones who would waste least time in implementing actions that were needed to be implemented. In one occasion a female member during an emergency was the first always to call the relevant parties and begin to sort the problem while other members still pondered the decisions or closed up without suggestion. They tend not to doubt their decisions. They best get along with passive people to varying degrees. Some feel like elder siblings while others have a more dominating concept. With assertive people there is more conflict but also a lot of grudging compromises based on reasoning. For example one member of a group would only back down from a point when all other members were seen to be against the suggestion and their opinion of the member could be seen to be degrading. There is much more conflict and a lot less compromise with aggressive people as both will try to force their
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