The Factors Leading to the Declining Consumer Appeal for PCs in the US

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CONSUMER PRODUCT iii ________________________________________________________________________ Consumer Product [Name of the student] [Name of the institution] Executive Summary This assignment is based on the declining consumer appeal to PC in US. Due to technological advancement; PCs are replaced by tablets and Smartphone. This assignment includes all the factors such as political, legal, social, technological, etc. that leads to the declining consumer appeal to PCs. The current target demographics are also discussed along with the recommendations given to the marketer. China is selected as a country for marketing PCs via using effective positioning strategies. Table of Contents Executive Summary ii Introduction 1 Current target market demographics 1 Reasons for the declining of product 2 Social factors 2 Demographic factors 2 Technological factors 2 Political and legal factors 3 Competitive factors 3 Recommendations 3 Foreign country for marketing PCs 4 Product segmentation and positioning 5 Conclusion 5 References 6 Introduction The product chosen for the decline in consumer appeal is "a personal computer" (PC). This product is chosen because its sales and revenues are overall decreasing in the US market. Consumers are losing interest in using PC, due to obsolesce. PC is a technological product in which innovation and advance technology play an important role. New products are coming in the market with latest technological

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