The Factors Of Digital Citizenship Regarding The Use Of Technology

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Digital citizenship can be defined as appropriate use and responsible behavior with

regarding the use of technology. To be a digital citizen, one must be provided with certain skills

in order to succeed. He/she must be provided with information, creativity, solution,

collaboration, and media fluencies. Once the citizen is provided with these fluencies, he/ she will

have digital access. Factors of digital citizenship are, digital literacy, digital communication,

digital commerce, digital etiquette, digital law, digital rights and responsibilities, digital security

and finally, digital health and wellness.

In order to have digital access, one must have digital literacy. Digital access is the “full

electronic participation in society”.
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To become productive citizens, we need to be dedicated to make sure that no

one is deprived of digital access and that everyone is able to use the technology. Helping to

provide, expand the access to technology, and teaching others should be the goal for all digital


When one is doing digital commerce, he/ she are digitally communicating. Digital

commerce is defined as “electronic buying and selling of goods”. On the other hand, digital

communication is “electronic exchange of information”. In the 21st century, communication

became easier as options have expanded to offer a wider variety of choices such as email,

cellular phones, and instant messages. People are now able to keep in constant connection with

anyone from anywhere and anytime whether by using the internet or not. With communication,

Internet purchases of toys, clothing, cars, food, etc. have become something common for many

users. However, users need to be taught how to be active or effective consumers in the new

technological world.

Digital etiquette, digital law, and digital rights and responsibilities are all important when

it comes to technology communication and using the internet. Digital etiquette is defined
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