The Factors Of Life Decisions And Bad Eating Habits

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The Factors Of Life Throughout this activity I have learned that the life decisions and bad eating habits that you make do not only affect your health, but trickle down and become hereditary health problems for people in your family. In which some hereditary health problems can be controlled and some are uncontrollable. It was also very relevant that weight and your work place have a huge factor to play with your longevity of your life. If you don’t work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle it takes tremendous years off your life. This is due to movement being life and constantly staying active to insure the healthiest state of your body so that it may thrive. Being sedentary without a lot of movement is more common today in people who work at desk jobs. The effects of sitting most of the day seem to be that more people are obese, than someone who’s always on their feet moving around. I’ve also noticed that women also have a longer life expectancy than man do which was very surprising. This was surprising because I thought that men and women’s longevity was around the same, based on their environment and lifestyle. Though in every category I reviewed their projected longevity was 3 or more years. Throughout this paper I will be talking about some of the leading factors and trends that effect and advance the longevity of life from this activity. Some factors of hereditary history that can affect your longevity can be things like diabetes, which are very prominent in

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