The Factors That Affect Process Design

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choosing a topic Generating ideas writing the outline writng the draft Editing/ revising Submitting The 6 steps involved in Essay-writing Design a flowchart using an appropriate tool. Comment on the factors that affect the process design. The factors include the feeling of self-efficacy that one can do the work at least to the best of one's ability. Self-discipline is important for compelling one to sit down and perform the task, rewriting until one is absolutely content with one's results. One needs to have a modicum grasp of the English grammar and an ability to translate one's thoughts in writing. It is also helpful to read books on the subject as well as to read biographies and memoirs of successful writers. An expanded vocabulary is helpful too. Fiction and non-fiction are two totally different fields. Each demands different abilities. Taking the field of non-fiction, the writer needs to have a familiar and exhaustive grasp of his subject. In both areas, the writer needs to have a passion and interest in his subject. In short, persistence and perseverance in writing and editing the essay are, likely, the most essential tools. Identify at least one metric to measure the process. The answer that first leaps to my mind is simply comparing the different marks received to my essays written throughout the last few terms or years. Progression in marks will tell me that I am improving. Another metric may be joining a writing group or having peers read my
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