The Factors That Can Influence Communication and Interaction with People with Dementia

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The Outlook South West book for... Dementia carers DEMENTIA CARERS WHAT IS DEMENTIA It is estimated that there are currently 820,000 people with dementia living in the UK alone and this is set to rise over the next 30 years. As a carer, you are one of over six million people in the UK who provide practical and emotional support for someone close to you. Caring for someone with dementia, can at times be a challenging and demanding experience. Whilst there are often many rewarding times, carers also say that there are times when they might feel angry, upset or lonely. This booklet provides lots of practical information about dementia, its effects and different ways to help reduce levels of anxiety, stimulate memory and aid relaxation. It…show more content…
For most people the onset of Alzheimers disease is gradual and the progression slow and regular. Symptoms will gradually become more severe over time due to increased damage within brain cells. Vascular Dementia The most common form of Vascular dementia is multi-infarct dementia which follows a series of strokes, or infarcts, when a loss of blood flow damages specific areas of the brain. The stroke may be ‘silent’, being so small as to pass unnoticed. If the supply of blood is restricted or stopped, this disrupts the normal workings of the brain and over time, will lead to death of brain cells. This can be caused by weakening, splitting, hardening or clotting within blood vessels, which in turn, can cause mini strokes within the brain. However, not everyone who has a stroke will go on to develop dementia. 5 “As the disease progresses the person may experience changes in mood and personality.” DEMENTIA CARERS For many people, Vascular dementia can begin suddenly. Common symptoms can include short term memory loss, communication difficulties, confusion, hallucinations and physical symptoms, such as weakness or paralysis. Unlike Alzheimers Disease, Vascular dementia often progresses in a step like way, which can include a sudden change in cognitive function and ability. Dementia with Lewy Bodies This type of dementia is caused by

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