The Factors That Influence A Child Grows Up And Matures

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There are several factors which influence a child grows up and matures. One of the most important factors is a child’s safety. Children need guidance and need to learn right from wrong as they grow up. Parental supervision is a key to child development because it is going to teach children things that will last the children a lifetime and can possibly protect them from making the wrong choice. It is so important that parents monitor their children to a certain extent. Living in a day and age where there is so much technology and it is so easily accessible, it is so important that parents are guiding their children to do the right thing and to make sure that their children aren’t engaging in acts that may harm them. Technology plays an…show more content…
The company LimeWire was a file sharing website where people could download music for free in the matter of seconds. I remember getting home from school, going on my laptop and downloading music. I was stealing this music and the money that should be going to the artists, and I didn’t even realize. This was my fault because I hid it from my parents but if my parents were monitoring my internet use, I would’ve gotten caught and I would have stopped. Fortunately I never got caught or in trouble, but other people were. Some people I knew even got into trouble with the law and got fined. This could all be avoided if parents were monitoring their children’s internet. After LimeWire was seized, I remember reading about in the paper and learning about what happened and how much they were fined. When I read online how much they were being sued I was shocked. I was young, but I knew the value of money. They were being sued for up to 75 trillion dollars (IBTimes). This is the amount of money that was lost due to this website. My culture and the people who were around me, robbed this much money. This was a learning experience and it teaches you not to ever do it again, but with parental guidance, you will learn from parents instead of your mistake. Nowadays it is important to be stricter and to see what your children are searching. It is so easy for them to come across inappropriate sites or to find themselves talking to a stranger. Being that music is a part of
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