The Factors That Influence Academics ' Behavior Toward Knowledge Sharing

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What are the factors that influence academics’ behaviour toward knowledge sharing in Universities ?
These days, large organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of knowledge for efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness by establishing appropriate knowledge management systems. Knowledge sharing has been considered a significant component of success in Knowledge Management (KM). The main activities in Knowledge sharing are acquiring, sharing, and storing the knowledge. Knowledge sharing is essential to the success of all organizations, including universities which are considered as knowledge concentrated environments. Effective knowledge sharing is vital for the Universities to benefit from the knowledge its academics have generated. For instance, teaching methods and teaching experience of the knowledgeable lecturers can be collected and organized into written documents and provided as a reference guide to the other lecturers. This will develop the teaching and learning methods among lecturers.
However, knowledge management is often inadequate when it comes to knowledge sharing, particularly among academic staff who work in universities. As a result, tacit knowledge of expert academics has not been recorded and documented and eventually lost. Consequently, the inexpert academics are unable to use useful information, as no knowledge has been shared among academic staff. Therefore, it is important to address the barriers that
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