The Factors That Influence The Adoption Of New Technologies

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Dissertation First Draft: Chapter 2 (Literature Review)

Research Question:
Understanding the factors that influence the adoption of new technologies in organisations: A Case Study of Wearable Technology

Sub- Research Questions:
To what extent are employee attitudes a contributing factor of new technology adoptions within organisations?
What are the main factors that influence technology adoption in an organisation?
Does wearable technology have a sustainable future within organisations?

Research Objectives:

This dissertation aims to elucidate the critical factors that pertain to widespread technology adoption in organisations, with regards to radical IT innovations, whilst also highlighting the issues that stymie technology adoption.
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Failed investments in technology may not only cause financial losses, but also lead to dissatisfaction amongst employees (Venkatesh, 2000). Whilst, there exists a large amount of literature on technological adoption, most of the research undertaken deals with this in the context of individual consumers rather than at a firm level. Furthermore, in the case of wearable technology, the main case study of this particular research, as a current example of a radical technological innovation, there is a lack of breadth in terms of the literature available, which can be expected from its relative infancy. Therefore, this literature review will serve as a treatise to not only critically analyse the seminal research in the broader field of technological innovation and adoption, but also to extrapolate the information gathered in the context of my own research, to provide a fresh insight on technological adoption at an organisational level, with a special interest in the future of wearable technology at this level.

2.1.1 What is technological innovation?

According to Sagar (2013) Technology innovation is the process through which new technologies are developed and brought into widespread use. Typically in literature, a distinction will be made between the different types of innovation. The type of innovation mentioned in this research, will refer to product innovation, as wearable technology
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