The Factors That Push Some Parents Abuse Their Children

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As a Family Support Worker I was responsible for the intervention in strengthening the parent-child relationship, improving parenting skills to optimize the home environment and to increase the family’s ability to problem solve and assume he role of advocate for themselves and their children (Healthy Families Niagara). I assisted in building trusting relationships in the family unit. I assisted the family in establishing goals and a plan for accomplishment of those goals, as well as the assessment of normal growth and development of the child. I was responsible for initiating and maintaining regular long-term contact/support with families.
I interviewed clients to; discern their needs, make appropriate referrals to outside agencies, and
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Children who are most likely to be abused are children who are mentally retarded, premature, unwanted, stubborn, inquisitive, demanding, or have a disability”(Monroe).
3)The importance of modeling appropriate behavior to parents and other caregivers.
Early intervention “prevents child abuse and neglect by helping families build protective factors that reduce risks by: promoting healthy parent-child interaction and attachment; increasing knowledge of child development and appropriate expectations of children; improving use of preventive health care; reducing social isolation; and providing access to community resources for families. Home visitors promote positive parenting and child health and development, thereby preventing child abuse, neglect, and other poor childhood outcomes”(HFA, Research Spotlight on Success).
4) Learn to recognize the signs of abuse.
Knowing that the signs of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse are at times subtle.
5) Understanding how home visiting programs reduce child abuse.
They help parents to develop strong, positive relationships with their children and to encourage their children’s optimal development. Trained home visitors assess children for developmental delays and makes referrals to the local Early Intervention Program if a delay is suspected.
6)Knowledge that
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