The Factors That Shape An Individual 's Self Concept Essay

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lf-concept refers to the mental image or idea that an individual holds regarding themselves. An individuals’ self-concept continually develops in each of the life stages and is seen to be closely related to the social as well as the emotional development. As such, a person views themselves differently depending on the environment in which they are. Self-concept in an individual takes various steps to being formed. The most important step is the initial one which happens while one is still a child. Here, an individual learns how to differentiate their own body and the rest of the world. At this stage, a child gets to learn that there are some things which are always there whereas others do come and then go away. The various factors that shape an individuals’ self-concept therefore are:- FAMILY The family is an important social unit that plays a great role in developing an individual’s self-concept. The first kind of relationships that one develops is within the family context. Attachments with parents and close family members are built at this level and as a child, one acquires a sense of security and feelings of love. The bonds created at the family level are key in the development of positive self-concept. To the parents, positive labeling for example continually telling a child that he is “creative” or “bright” is a factor that could work in building their self-concept while constantly labeling a child as being “stupid” has a high likelihood of damaging the child’s
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