The Factors of Influencing the Fast Food Restaurant

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The factors of influencing the fast food restaurant Chinese fast food is not something new. But fast food is not an original Chinese conception. Traditionally Chinese people value a certain kind of elegant and slow table manners, which symbolize health and politeness. The development of Chinese fast food can be traced to 1980s-1990s, when Western fast-food giants entered the Chinese market in order to attract more Chinese consumers. As a result of this, Chinese-style fast food emerged and it soon gathered immense popularity. Apart from Noodles and Dim sums, some other popular Chinese dishes are Szechuan and Manchurian style dishes. There are also a number of good Chinese fast food restaurants in all the major Chinese cities. If you …show more content…
The most common method for preparing a marketing environmental analysis is to conduct a PESTLE analysis, which stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental, all areas affecting a business. As a boss of a fast food restaurant, if you want to make a success, first step is you should realize the catering industry’s market. That means you should establish your marketing information system. The MIS begins and ends with marketing managers. First, it interacts with these managers to asses their information needs. Next, it develops the needed information from internal organisation records, marketing intelligence activtives and the marketing research process. Information analysis processes the information to make it more useful. Finally, the MIS distributes information to managers in the right form and at the right time to help them make better marketing decision.
2. Current consumers of fast food in China: Many people believe that fast food synonymous with the American lifestyle and it originates from the US. However, much fast food is European in origin, with a considerable history. This fast food culture started in Bangladesh in the late eighties and became very popular. Fast food affects a community in many aspects. It is mainly geared towards the younger end of the market. The

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