The Factors of Psychology Affecting the Self Esteem of Different People

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I. Self esteem of overweight people a) Looking–glass self: The looking glass self concept refers to how we are shaped by what others perceive us as. Non-overweight people will be satisfied with their lives since others perception of them will be positive. However, people who are noticeably overweight will not be as satisfied as non-overweight people since what others perception of them will be negative. If others perceive overweight people to be outcasts, then that is what overweight people will feel as since they will not be socially accepted in front of the world. Therefore, overweight people will develop a low self-esteem since they will be criticized for their appearance and overall composure. There fore, it is the truth that,…show more content…
Women will not be satisfied with their lives since they will face responsibilities with restrictions each day which they feel should not be weighed down on them. c) Downward social comparison: Since women are more sensitive and look at important decisions in a long term view, women compare themselves with women who have restricted freedom, few rights, and women that are dominated by men. This increases self-esteem because you are aware of the increased number of rights you have compared to other women you look down upon. “Because previous research has shown that women define themselves through their relationships with others, they are more likely to empathize with a worse-off other, even though this may lower their own self-evaluations” (Kemmelmeier). However, for men it would be different they view any kind of downward comparison as self enhancing their image. d) Impression management: Women are always trying to maintain a good impression in this world of dominating men. Men and women have different ways of portraying themselves in matters of succeeding in professional and personal worlds. A lot of women face hardships in the professional world since men had fixed stereotypes of women that enter the business life. The stereo type, “of the ideal

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