The Factors that Determine Eye Color

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This choice of this topic was made due to interest of wanting to provide knowledge about the factors that determine eye color. I know, like hair or skin, brown eyes are dominant over blue eye genes. I also know that a person can be identified by the retina scanners because everyone has their iris with unique structural patterns.
The iris is a thin diaphragm made of connective tissue and smooth muscle fibers. It lies between the cornea and lens. The iris is composed of three layers including endothelium, stroma and epithelium. The anterior chamber, the space between the cornea and the lens is divided into two chambers. The patterns that form the structure of the iris are unique to each person. Like fingerprints, iris pattern complexity can potentially identify a person.
In the center of the iris is the pupil. Iris function is to control the size of the pupil. This pupil dilation allows a certain amount of light to enter the eye. A bright environment stimulates limiting diaphragm to contract the sphincter muscle and reducing the amount of light entering the eye. A dark room stimulates the dilator to relax and dilate in the effort to increase the amount of light entering the eye. The pupil constriction also occurs when the lens changes focus so that the eye can see something on a fence. This is known as the, Äúnear reflection., AU Sometimes the student does not respond properly due to problems in nerve or cranial…
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