The Factors that Keep Gender Inequality Unchanged

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Life as we know it has always maintained a balance in the fact that gender inequality has remained almost unchanged since before this generations time. The factors that keep gender inequality unchanged are the ones that have been discussed amongst the human race for centuries. To teenagers of our generation equality amongst both men and women are rarely visible but derogatory behavior or words towards the opposite sex show how one sex really treats and feels towards the other sex. The thing is, we all know that gender discrimination is awful and wrong but we have continued to do it for years. It is unlawful to harass a(n) individual(s) because of their sex. Harassment over the years has included all from "sexual harassment" or uninvited sexual advances to “rape”. When talking about sexual harassment or even rape most people associate it with the female gender but when in actuality it affects both! In the same context men and women are considered unequal’s in the eyes of individuals but equals to the country as a whole. To so many individuals ‘gender discrimination’ is not a big deal they may think… “So what some men think women are less than them why should we care” well people should care because if the people we are supposed to love and care for and those that are supposed to be your friends don’t get protected how are they going to survive. Although words do not physically wound any person they do emotionally wound and those wounds sometimes hurt worse than the physical
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