The Factory by Mary Dilworth Essay

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In the story ''The Factory'' the author Mary Dilworth writes about one of the nowadays main questions: what to choose when we have to decide between family or further a privat life for your own and career. Through out her characters she shows what can happen when the family feels left behind. And puts up the question what is really worth to achieve in life.

The narrator of the story ''always hated the factory'' (p.1 l.1), though she worked once herself in a factory as the boss's secretary, where she also met her nowadays husband (p.1 l.20-22). Her hate against this institution is so strong, that she often imagined it burning down (''I've often imagined it without its
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To have a guess about the importancy of the factory to him is that he even ''would have sold almost anything to have [his sign in those flashing neon lights that the city firms can afford]'' (p.1 l.5-8). The fact that he focuses absolutely on his work causes serious relationship problems in the engagement of the narrator and Eric; he is whether working or having a time for himself (''He always says that after such a busy day at the factory, he needs to sit and think'' p.2 l.13-14). So the reader gets the impression their aren't spending much time together – except for having breakfast, lunch and dinner together - or having actually something like a harmonic parship. He treats her work as housewife with a kind of disrespect when is only appearing for the meals during which where he reads instead of having a conversation with her. While he goes to bed early to give his best at work the next day he doesn't notice at all how his wife feels when she stays up at night, hoping the factory will burn down. Summarized it can be said, that there is a lack of communication in their relationship, caused by his ambitions for his success with his factory.
Red is in the story not just the colour of fire but also of love and passion, which the narrator misses currently. The gray that her husband became is the colour of routine, boredom and daily routine.
In the ending of the story it becomes clear to the reader

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