The Facts About Masturbation Essay

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Alfred C. Kinsey is regarded as the first major figure in the research of human sexuality, more specifically masturbation. Kinsey was groundbreaking in his research on sexuality and made it possible to talk about sex. In the early 2000s, masturbation has become more accepted for both males and females yet there is still a stigma about discussing it openly (Wells, 2006). Societies and Cultures views on masturbation have changed over time and vary depending on who you are, where you are from, and the family you grew up in. Religious views on masturbation are more rigid and unchanging, unless the religion itself changes. While the bible talks about premarital sex, adultery, and sexuality, it is silent on the matter of masturbation. This…show more content…
Traditionalist call masturbation a sin and forbidden it. There is no mention of female masturbation in the Talmud. It is believed that it is not mentioned because there is no loss of semen (Wigader, 2002). Nevertheless, Judaism frowns upon female masturbation as ‘impure thoughts’. On the other side, Rabbis from the Progressive movement, reformed Jews, think masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual action (Stein, 2001). In the Buddhism religion, Buddhist monks and nuns are to withhold from any form of sexual actions, living celibate and chaste lives. Buddhist has the five precepts one of which is to refrain from sexual misconduct. Buddhism does not define exactly what ‘sexual misconduct’ is (Higgins, 2011). Since Buddhist do not define what they mean, it can be interpreted that Buddhist that sexual conduct is fine as long as it does not do harm. Meaning satisfying sexual urges through masturbation is most likely acceptable (Higgins, 2011). It is a general consensus that traditional or conservative religions, such as Orthodox Jews, Conservative Christians, and Catholics, view masturbation as a sin or immoral. Whereas the more liberal, more reformed, religions view masturbation as a normal, natural, and healthy sexual action. Society is very much the same way with their perspective. While some people think that masturbation is normal and do not have a problem talking about. There are other people who are more reluctant to talk about their sexuality and
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