The Facts Of God Existence

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The facts of God existence is everywhere and in everything, with some of the facts and data we discuss from a world wide spread of facts of religious experience should help a non-believer question his way of thinking. I will start out by giving my own personal experience, during the gulf war I was a 1 sgt in a combat unit. As a 1 sgt you always want to lead from the front and set the example for those to emulate, you have to know yourself people and your equipment.

On this day December the 15, 2003 we were on patrol we came to a four way intersection outside the mean gate, notice traffic had stop and one Iraqi man got out the vehicle and started to run towards the main gate with a bag in hand we shouted halt he kept running, the rules of engagement was if they acted with hostile intent or to cause harm to American lives we were to engage. Being the senior person on the patrol I decided to take the shot being that I had some sniper training and was the best man for the job at the time, I fired and the bottom of my magazine well just came apart and all my bullets came out, I hurried and reloaded another magazine by this time he had taking the squat a hold position. After further investigation we found out he was a guard late for work, we look and inspected my magazine and reloaded it I test fired it, and it worked perfectly all four of my soldiers test and fired that magazine and it work properly. God had a plan for that man and I he saved us both of us that day none of us
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