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The Facts of Evolution

A fact is something that exists beyond question. It is an actuality, an objective reality. It is established by solid evidence. A theory is something unproved but at times assumed true for the sake of argument. It has yet to be proved as factual. Nonetheless, sometimes something is declared to be a fact that is only a theory.
In a September 30, 1986 article of the New York Times there was an published article by a New York University professor, Irving Kristol. His contention is that if evolution were taught in the public schools as the theory it is rather than as the fact it isn't, there would not be the controversy that now rages between evolution and creationism. Kristol stated: "There is also little doubt
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How did life begin? This question has stirred more speculation and ignited more debate. Yet the controversy is not simply over evolution versus creation. Much of the conflict takes place among the evolutionists themselves. Virtually every detail of evolution, how it happened, where it started, who or what started it, and how long the process took is disputed.
Time magazine suggests "Life did not arise under calm, benign conditions, as once assumed," "but under the hellish skies of a planet racked by volcanic eruptions and menaced by comets and asteroids. For years evolutionists claimed that life began in a warm pool of organic soup. Some now believe that foam in the ocean could have bred life. Undersea geysers are another proposed site of life's origin. Some suggest that living organisms arrived on earthbound meteors or perhaps asteroids smashed into earth and changed the atmosphere, stirring up life in the process. . Plow a big iron asteroid into earth, and you will certainly get interesting things happening. To think also that an extraordinary being like man emerged out of chemicals dissolved in a pool of warm water that was struck by lightening is the real myth.
The basic unit of living things is the cell, and the basic material that makes up a cell is protein. Evolutionists acknowledge that the probability of the right atoms and molecules falling into place to

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