The Failure Of American Intervention During The Vietnam War

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Section 1: Evaluation and Identification of Sources
This investigation will answer the question to what extent the failure of American intervention in the Vietnam War was solely a result of faulty military strategy.
This investigation is important because the Vietnam War to some extent laid the basis for future American foreign intervention; thus understanding why our failure in Vietnam is crucial to understanding how we can avoid such catastrophe in the future.
The scope of this investigation includes factors contributing to US failures in Vietnam from 1964 to 1975.
In this investigation there will be an examination of the master’s thesis entitled “A Failure in Strategy” America and the Vietnam War 1965-1968” by Major James M Bright because it provides a comprehensive overview of flaws of US military involvement in Vietnam. There will also be an examination of the article entitled “The March to Oblivion: the Defeat at Ap Bac Hamlet and the Americanization of the Vietnam War” by William P. Head because it provides an academic source that describes how American military flaws contributed to losses in battle.
“A Failure in Strategy: America and the Vietnam War 1965-1968” originated as a master’s thesis from the US Marine Corp College in 2001, written by Major James M Bright, a regiment commanding officer for the Marine Corps. Bright’s advisor was Dr. John B. Matthews, a professor emeritus of Marine Corps University. The purpose of this thesis is analyze US military…
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