The Failure Of Heart Failure

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The human body requires a supply and demand process within itself to enable nutrients and oxygen to provide homeostasis and metabolic demands throughout each organ system. The most prominent organ effecting this process is the heart, which by using the cardiovascular system supplies every other system throughout the body with the oxygen and nutrients by pumping them throughout the blood. When the demand is not met or the supply is too great it can be considered heart failure.
Understandably heart failure is a worrisome term. To think one of your most vital organs is failing and unable to provide what is needed for basic survival is terrifying. However; there are many stages of heart failure that can range from mild to severe. Therefore,
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Class 2 is classified when a patient has only slight limitations of physical activity but they are comfortable at rest. Class 3 is considered when a patient has marked limitations of physical activity and is broken down into 3A which is when a patient is comfortable at rest or 3B when they have dyspnea at rest. Class 4 is when the patient has symptoms at rest, the patient is unable to perform any physical activity without having discomfort. Stage D is considered Class 4 and is end stage heart disease that requires treatment.
Information obtained from Jaski, Brian E. 2015. The 4 Stages of Heart Failure

Left-Sided Versus Right-Sided Heart Failure

There are two main types of heart failure. Left sided heart failure and right sided heart failure. The left ventricle is the largest chamber of the heart, and is also the most common site that fails in heart failure. When the left ventricle starts to fail it allows the blood that is normally pumped out into the circulatory system to back up into the left atrium due to the weekend left ventricle not pushing all the blood out. This leads to a cascade of events that lead to a backup in the pulmonary system allowing fluid to accumulate in the lungs which in turn causes shortness of breath. Right sided heart failure is less common than left sided heart failure and is usually caused by the problems associated with left sided heart failure over time. When the right
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