The Failure Of The Auto Industry

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As residents of Southeast Michigan, we all share one common connection, the auto industry. For people in this area, it is almost impossible to not to work for or at least know someone that works for one of the big three or one of their many suppliers. Because of this very intimate relationship we have with the auto industry, we are all greatly affected by their success or failure. If the industry succeeds, jobs are created, and economy boosted. However, if it fails, people lose their jobs and the economy crashes. For this reason, the leadership in this industry is important to all of us. The leaders do not only determine the fate of their company but the fate of the region with each decision they make. One company that has been doing very well is Ford. Ford managed to make it through the 2008 recession relatively unscathed compared to the other auto giants and has continued on a successful path. The current leader of Ford is Mark Fields. While Fields was not at the helm of Ford during the 2008 recession, his mentor was. Living and working through that crisis helped to instill many great leadership qualities into Fields that he now uses to lead the company and all of southeast Michigan down a successful path. Mark Fields was born January 1961. He received an economics degree from Rutgers University and an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business. Fields started his career with Ford in 1989 when he was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Mazda. Fields
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