The Failure Of The Berlin Blockade

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The Failure of the Berlin Blockade My paper will focus of my paper what led to Berlin blockade and what caused it to fail. Before the blockade began Russians decided to withdraw from Kommandatura hoping this along with the blockade eventually would starve the Western powers of Berlin. June 15, 1948 Soviet authorities announced that the Autobahn, a highway from Western Germany to Berlin, would be closing indefinitely “for repairs.” Western Allies determined withdraw from the city was not an option and President Harry Truman said “We shall stay,” “period.” During discussions, a decision was made as an afterthought to fill the few dozen C-47 transport planes in Europe with supplies. This was used to buy time before a decision was made.…show more content…
It was decided that the airlift was the best solution as it “would at once reinforce the morale of the West Berliners.” The Soviets did not attempt to shoot down the planes due to the “concern for American nuclear capabilities.” The US also responded to the blockade by dispatching sixty B-29s … to Britain. The airlift became a symbol of American technical and scientific superiority. During the airlift, every flight made the Russians look increasingly foolish. The people of Berlin shouted their defiance in the face of the Communists with no assurance of victory except their own faith in democracy.
Initially the Soviets did not intend to enter into discussion but on the 22nd of March 1949, Ambassador Jessup was informed by the Soviet representative on the Security Council “that if a definite date could be fixed for a Foreign Ministers’ conference, then the blockade could be lifted even before the meeting.” The conference was “to consider the questions relating to Germany and problems arising from the situation in Berlin.” It appears “Moscow gave up the blockade for a momentary propaganda forum at Paris.”
The lifting of the blockade was an “experimentation of Soviet policy from a militant, confrontational strategy to one of negotiating and peaceful coexistence after 1948,” and
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