The Failure Of The Delian League

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Shortly after succeeding in the second war against the Persians with the aide of the Spartan and other Greek city states, the victorious allies made a pact called the Delian League. Members would continue to support the efforts against Persia by contributing money and ships. As years went by, and after Athens had become the leader of the Delian League, Athens began valuing their allies less and began treating them more like a nuisance. This treatment did not set well with their allies and one city state, Naxos, pulled out of the Delian League. Athens saw this as a rebellion against their pact and fought the Naxos military, defeating them quickly. After that time, Athens told their allies only to contribute money, not ships, to support the continued efforts against Persia and transferred the contributions to the temple of Athena.…show more content…
Members of the Delian League were outraged at how the funds were being spent and a coalition was formed led by the Spartans. From the onset of the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC, the Greek World War was resulting in devastating results, including a plague that hit Athens killing Pericles as well as thousand of others. Although Athens had a large surplus of silver, after 30 long years, Athens was defeated and the Peloponnesian War ended in 404 BCE.

Political wars continued even after the Peloponnesian War ended with democracy being restored and then overthrown again, leaving the residents of Athens exhausted, war torn and bitter.. Democracy lasted another 200 years until Athens came under the control of king Alexander the Great of
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