The Failure Of The Insurrectionary Movement

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The Failure of the Insurrectionary Movement, 1837-1839 Canada has always been under a capitalist ruling regime for many years. The Canadian state, even as a colony of both England and France, went through mercantilist monopolistic practices that affected the lower working classes. During this period, the Church was powerful and was involved in the formulation of power. The state was fully supported by the Church and gained its wealth through illegal means with major benefits going to the aboriginal Canadian citizens. The rebellion or uprising was aimed at fighting capitalist regime introduced by foreigners, addressing high poverty levels and ensuring equitable distribution of resources among the Canadian citizens. This paper will explore the sharing of power between the citizens, Church, and government during the insurrectionary movement. The author suggests that the Canadian natives are suffering in many ways in the hands of foreigners. The capitalist regime is taking everything from the natives and suffer huge monetary loss due to the high taxes. The natives cry foul of intruders who have taken control of everything including robbing the exchequer and carrying their proceeds to their home countries. Imperialism is the main argument that the author tries to bring out in this case. The foreigners exploited Canada’s natural resources at the expense of the local citizens. Local citizens provided cheap labor and products to Europeans. The author claims that the natives were
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