The Failure Of The Trump Wall. . . . . By. Christian Cisneros.

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The Failure of The Trump Wall By Christian Cisneros English II-2A The Science Academy of South Texas May 12, 2017 Morales2 Why the Trump wall is bad Thesis Statement: The wall that Trump wants to create will be detrimental to the environment, cost a lot of money & resources, and may not be effective against the immigration problem. I. Introduction A. Intention to build wall B. Current fence 1. Needs to be updated 2. Can put up more fencing C. Thesis Statement II. Cost of the Wall and Resources A. Mexico won’t pay B. Rules/Regulations 1. Gains a. Social b. Psychological c. Health…show more content…
Students must be taught that they are likely to suffer harmful effects if they have sex before marriage. They also must be taught that the "expected standard" is for school-age children not to engage in sexual activity and for adults to engage in sexual relations only within marriage ("Impacts…"). Schools receiving the funds must teach students that they should "just say no" to sex until they are married. The schools are not allowed to teach students about safe sex and "may not mention Morales4 contraception except to point out the failure rates of various methods" (Brody). Some states have refused the federal funds so that their schools can determine their own ways to teach sex education, but 43 states participate in the program. With millions of dollars from the government every year, many schools now promote abstinence. They offer abstinence-only programs with encouraging titles such as "ReCapturing the Vision," "Teens in Control," and "My Choice, My Future!" ("Impacts…"). They encourage students to sign virginity pledges vowing not to have sex until marriage, to proudly wear their "purity rings," and to carry their ATM ("Many who Pledge…") cards (Kelly 44). These programs encourage students to develop a strong sense of self and to avoid the negative consequences that might result from

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