The Failure of the Progressive Movement

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America would have to wait decades later for the issue of civil equality to truly be addressed. Due to the apathy of the politicians during that time, the desperate need for a scapegoat, and the hypocrisy people displayed when confronted with the topic, the movement that was intended to achieve “progress” in society completely forgot about equality.

Possibly a result of the lingering sentiments of racism from the time of slavery, politicians remained unwilling to confront the idea of discrimination. Hopeful candidates running for any public office had to appease as many voters as possible, and this often meant not angering those who still held onto racist ideologies. One can clearly see Taft attempting to skirt the issue of discrimination in his inaugural address in 1909. Here the president states that racial inequality in the South was a non issue and should be allowed to fix itself. One year later in 1910, Roosevelt gave his “New Nationalism” speech to the people of Osawatomie, Kansas. He makes the declaration that the government should not be influenced by special interest groups, which is essentially a nice way of saying that he will do nothing about discrimination. Both presidents, who were considered by many to be progressive approached inequality with a lazy, slothful demeanor, so it is hardly surprising that the issue was…
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