The Fairy Tale Of Cinderella As A Love Story

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So, we all know of the fictional fairy tale of Cinderella, but what if we changed the facts around in a new order, changing the different characters rolls in the story and their apparel. Most look at this story as a love story, but what if we changed the story to a new conspiracy of fiction. How will these changes affect the outcome of this fairy tale? Well let’s find out.

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Emma who was a kind hearted young girl, who loved the company of her animals so much she could find comfort during difficult times. Especially when her mother Ava passed away in dreary times. Her father William was a traveling man who did his do dilatants of hard work and because of this fact, he was unable to be of comfort to her. However, Emma and her father had a very strong relationship, and she understood the reason of his long travels. She started to implode, for she no company half the time and the daily chores were finished, she would find herself imagining a reality where Ava was still alive, and they would convers and enjoy a hot cup of tea, where used to together by the fire place. Then she is forced to realize she is only imagining memories. Following these episodes Emma also started to resent her father for always being gone on is travels of business, that sometimes she caught herself saying most unbelievable things in the back of her mind.
William, soon remarried to a very sweet and kind-hearted widow Isabella with two very hateful daughters Sophia and Abigail, who treated her very poorly with little to no respect for just how much self-sacrifice she gave for their wellbeing. For instance, Sophia and Abigail always had the best dresses and apparel while she would take the second best. It finally came time for Emma to meet her new step-mother and sisters, when her father arrived back home from a long trip. Emma was in no state of mind nor was she ready to let somebody else take her mothers place in her heart. Following these events William was leaving on another business trip when he suddenly had a severe heart attack passing away instantly. This was just three years after the passing of her mother, so Emma was not the same person giving in to Sophia and Abigail’s bossy and

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