The Fairy Tales Bear Negative And Repulsive Traits, Such As Vanity, Jealousy And Pride

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The stepmother 's in fairy tales bear negative and repulsive traits, such as vanity, jealousy and pride. The character of the wicked stepmother has gained notoriety as one of the evilest villains found in fairy tales, often set up as a foil to the innocent and virtuous stepdaughter whom she mistreats and who ultimately gains victory over her. Combined with these traits are their knowledge of magic and sorcery. Despite her knowledge of the supernatural, her beauty is a fading trait. Stepmothers are comparable to wild animals and supernatural beings that treat children wickedly. In the past, the stepmother 's role was to replace the child 's biological mother who had died. Many of these bad examples are seen in such stories as "Cinderella"…show more content…
Gilbert and Gubar argue that the stepmother in Snow White is indeed driven by want of an '"unfeminine" life of stories and story-telling '; each of her three attempts on life become three tales or plots which she invents, and through such subversive "story-telling", she attempts to control the narrative of her own life.Therefore, through their overwhelming influence on the plot of the tales, these women show again their strength and power and pit themselves against the fragile, passive heroines. Another way in which the Brothers Grimm emphasize the evil nature of the stepmother is through her association with witchcraft. The Brothers Grimm played a great part in contributing to the construction of the "evil stepmother" character in fairy tales. Through the editorial changes they made, and their emphasis on the monstrous, cruel and unnatural aspects of her character, they transformed the figure of the stepmother into the ultimate fairy tale villain whose legacy continues to this day. , the stepmother has also become a scapegoat, a terrifying figure who goes against all the expectations of women and motherhood, but who is nevertheless herself a victim of the situation and the society she finds herself in. Most of the children literature deal with the fight between good and evil. with constantly supporting the good characters we

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