The Fairy Tales By Charles Perrault And The Grimm Brothers

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Introduce the Issue When we were young kids, our parents filled our heads with fairy tales for entertainment before it was time for bed. Cinderella is one of the main told fairy tales handed down from one generation to the next. This story appears in the folklore of many cultures. There are between 350 and 1500 different translations of this story in the world today. We don 't know exactly who first wrote this popular story, but there has been some talks about the Italians creating the first version. The first written version was published in Napoli by Giambattista Basile, in his Pentamerone (1634). The story was based in the Kingdom of Napel. It was later revised, along with other Basile 's tales, by Charles Perrault and in the Grimm brothers folk tale collection Grimm’s ' Fairy Tales (1812). The Grimm brother 's Fairy Tales were not meant for children. The stories routinely included sex, violence, incest, and copious footnotes. Worst of all, they didn’t even have illustrations. The brothers thought their main readers were adults, but surprisingly their main readers were young boys and girls. When they realized the age of readers, they tried to rewrite the story into a much delicate and happier story. Although they tried to make the fairytales tasteless, the stories main idea was still about sex and violence. Cinderella was a story about a young woman whose life was flipped upside down when her mother died and father remarried. Living in an abusive household, Cinderella…
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