The Faith Of God 's Wrath

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Through faith in Christ, believers continue to experience the righteousness from God. Now believers have a new relationship with God and hope for a future life with God. God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to die for our sins. Believers were paid for with Jesus’s blood and therefore we belong to God. As a result, we have been justified and declared righteous. In addition, we have been reconciled to God and are at peace with Him. In other words, the relationship that was destroyed by Adam’s disobedience has been restored and believers are dead to sin and friends with God. Therefore, we have access to Him and we can rejoice because our future is secure and we have confidence in our relationship with God. In Romans 5, v. 9 believers have been justified by the blood of Jesus and are saved through Jesus from God’s wrath. According to Xavier Leon-Dufour, “when believers are justified, our attachments to ourselves and our own glory is removed” (John 7:18 NRSV). Prior to Adam’s fall, humankind depended on God and were friends with God (Gen. 2). Although God created humankind in His own image and shared all His creations with us, Adam disobeyed God and broke the friendship. As a result, all humankind became enemies of God (Gen. 3). However, through the blood of Jesus, believers have been declared righteous and our justification has been completed. We are no longer God’s enemy and we are guaranteed salvation from God’s wrath. John Stott stated that, “Believers
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